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Here is an extract from our latest Ofsted report (October 2015):

Summary of key findings for parents:

"Staff's qualifications and skills have a positive impact on children's learning and development. Staff show a true commitment to ongoing development and training. Partnerships with parents are effective. Parents make positive comments about how information is consistently shared about their children's progress. The staff use the setting's assessment programme effectively to track and plot children's development.

Staff use this information well to plan for children's future learning. Children's behaviour is managed positively. They are given time to reflect on their actions, receive clear explanations and learn to negotiate and cooperate with others. Children are motivated and independent learners who are confident to ask questions and show increasing levels of curiosity and inquisitiveness.

Disabled children and those with special educational needs are supported well by knowledgeable staff and effective teaching practices. Staff work closely with parents and other professionals to promote a consistent approach to children's development. Children are making good progress due to the continual and consistent teaching practices of the staff team."

(Please note that we have changed our constitution since this inspection and have consequently had a new Ofsted registration number. We are currently awaiting an Ofsted Inspection and will update this page once we have completed it.)


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